Monday, November 08, 2004


This will serve as the "who am I?" and "what is this blog?" post for the time being.

I was born 8/17/77 in New York, grew up in a very vanilla suburb of Rye, NY (with some time in CT with my Dad), went to college at Swarthmore, spent a year in the AmeriCorps*National Civilian Community Corps stationed in Charleston, SC, and moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and have lived here ever since, save for a one year stint in DC. Currently I work as a reporter for Variety, a trade paper for Hollywood insiders who want to know every minute detail about showbiz. I also co-write a comedy website called Dateline Hollywood, am one of the founders and editors of the somewhat well known political site Spinsanity, and co-wrote my first book recently about deception, PR, and politics called All the President's Spin. And I am writing some other stuff that's not worth talking about (but I hope will be someday).

What will this blog be about? Probably a few key interests: politics -- some middle ground between the purely nonpartisan focus on deception from Spinsanity and the arrogant partisan blather on most blogs that I can't stand; movies and TV -- I live in Hollywood and work in the industry so I'll have plenty of opinions -- some as a fan and some "inside baseball"; occassional observations about business and culture that interest me; and some stuff from my jobs -- alot of amusing stuff from people who take themselves WAY too seriously comes up at Variety, especially hilarous and disturbing press releases that I intend to post.

What won't it be? My personal view on every little political controversy that bubbles up; inane details from my personal life; or links to everything I think is interesting. I hate those kind of blogs.

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