Tuesday, January 25, 2005

About Me

I am the video games critic and editor and write some other tech-related articles here. I write a fairly popular blog about the videogame business for that publication here. Index of my work here.

I write and produce original comedy videos for this website.

I am the co-founder and co-editor of this satirical website.

I co-wrote this best-selling book.

I co-founded and used to be one of the editors of this political website.

I spent a year doing national service as part of this awesome program. You can read more about my experience here.

I do freelance writing/producing projects for other publications, TV shows, and radio programs as time and opportunities allow.

I am married to this amazing woman. You can read the formal write-up of our wedding here.

I went to this college and discovered that graduate school is a bad fit for me while at this university.

I live here.

I enjoy volleyball, video games, scuba diving, watching TV and movies with my wife, travelling, talking endlessly about Swarthmore and AmeriCorps, and writing vague biographies about myself that require clicking on hyperlinks to know what I'm talking about.


Sean "Shadow" said...

Hi Ben,
I just came across your blog because I searched "Save NCCC" to see if others had wrote about the possible end of NCCC.

I also right now trying to figure out what I can do to help change congresses mind. There is one alum doing a lot under the site
I was hoping to see that others had sparked a fire. This is when I came across your blog.

I also in LA. I was a Capital Region Class X Corps Member. I worked for the TV show Fear Factor for three years before and after my year of service. This last season I was an Associate Producer, but I think I'm done with Hollywood at least for a while.

I'm currently getting ready to leave LA next month; move back with the folks for a couple of months, and then move to Philly to do a two years with Teach for America. I'm a going to be a middle school math teacher. I would never of applied or taken on the Teach for America challenage of working in the toughest schools with having done and loved my NCCC experience.

Just yesterday, I was thinking about what I can do besides writes letters to congresspersons and media outlets. I was thinking of doing a short five-minute video that could be giving to congress. My film college in Chicago did this once on a bill that was going through our state legistation. I figure I could get my former team leader to deliever them to save in shipping since he lives in DC.

Well, this is just a thought right now, but now I'm trying to figure out how to fund it. I have all my own video equipment, but to duplicate 600 DVD professionally. It would cost about $1200. Do you know of any organizations that might give grants or do pro-bono work like this?

I do believe the alumni will save NCCC,
Sean Gustafson

R.D. Thompson said...

Hey Ben,

I'm a big fan of writing...I'm also a big fan of spending time with my wife :) We have so much in common!

Let's be friends,

R. D. Thompson