Sunday, March 20, 2005

Totally extreme tax returns!!!

I'm a huge fan of advertising for very basic things blatantly aimed at 18-34 year olds. You know what I'm talking about: They have pictures or video of attractive 20-somethings skateboarding or text messaging or flirting and it turns out the ad is for insurance or a Honda Accord.

I was just visiting the Turbo Tax website and there's a fantastic example on the bottom right of the page. I quote directly:

Are you a young adult? TurboTax now has a site just for you. Fast. Simple. Rock your refund.
* Taxes in plain English
* Get a Russell Simmons Rush Pre-paid Visa® Card
* Best Buy 10% instant coupons
* Up to $200 off cool trips like Vegas and Miam

Of course I immediately clicked on the ad and was taken to the site (I guess TTOweTheGovernment didn't test as well). There are rotating pictures of attractive young people picking each other up, lying on the beach, playing volleyball, and snowboarding. If you use, you'll be attractive and active, of course.

And half the page is taken up with the "playtime" section, where offers you a variety of helpful options on where to spend your inevitable refund: At best buy or on trips to Mexico or Vegas. So it turns out it's just a site where the people at Turbo Tax sign up marketers to immediately suck from us any money that we are owed by the government.

Of course I have to use it, because I am young, hip, and want a totally extreme refund.

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