Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Lost is losing me

The backstory plots on Lost keep getting more and more absurd. I don't know if it's because the writers can't make the plots come together when they only have 1/3 of the show, or if they're just slipping or what. But they keep being "dramatic" while not actually making any sense.

A few weeks ago, we found out Sawyer killed a guy in Australia who he thought had murdered his mother (the orinal guy named Sawyer). But it turned out it was just a random guy who owed gambling debts. Of course Sawyer felt awful and it was a dramatic moment. But in order to buy it, we have to believe that if you want someone dead in Australia, the most efficient way to do it is convince someone in the US that he's the guy who killed your mother. You wouldn't want to, ummmm, just hire a hitman in Australia or something. The dude is 50 and owns a shrimp truck. He wouldn't be tough to kill.

Then last week (as I discovered on TiVO tonight), we find out another tragedy from Locke's life: his long lost father engaged him in an elaborate trick to get him to donate his kidney. Locke finds this out when he wakes up in the hospital and Dad is already gone. Two points:
-I don't know alot about kidney transplants, but is there a compatibility issue where it's important (or at least very helpful) that the donor be related to you? If so, they should have explained that. If not, this makes no sense.
-If you go through all the trouble of reeling in your long lost son to get his kidney, including spending many weekends hunting with him, why do you leave him at the hospital and ruin his life? That's both unnecessarily cruel and inefficient. Just stay at the hospital, be nice to the guy, the stop hunting with him or tell him you don't want to hang out anymore or something. And how do you even work such a scenario exactly? Have the nurses revive you early and rush you out? Once you think about this, the whole fucking plot falls apart.
-Oh, and third thing. Locke's Dad, who's very rich, has his own personal guard outside his gate. I understand this guard is extremely useful for dramatic purposes. In Locke's conversations with him, we find out Dad initially pretended to not want to see him, later find out they have hunted together for many weeks, then find out Dad doesn't want to see him. But honestly, have you ever known one individual rich person who had their own private guard outside their gate. I have never ever heard of that. Gated communiteis have guards. But rich people always just have a locked gate with a camera and a speaker.

I think I still like Lost because many of the characters are really well created and it's a great scenario. But the backstories are getting really lame. And I'm starting to get pissed at the X-Files esque plot that drops little hints every few episodes that only seem to make the story more confusing. I'm just not that patient. I need well crafted shows like "Veronica Mars" that start the season with questions and then actually give us answers.

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