Tuesday, May 17, 2005

BBC brings the funny

Watch Alan Partridge.

I'm sure neither of my readers know who he is. But he's currently, I'd venture to say, the funniest character on TV. BBC America is re-running episodes of the 11 year old British show "Knowing Me, Knowing You," Saturdays at 11 EST, 8 Pacific. It stars Steve Coogan, who some of you might know from "24 Hour Party People" (which I loved and which spurred me to try this), as the dense and easily offended host of a talk show that's just a bit too ridiculous to be real.

It's fucking hysterical. Now that "Arrested Development" is off the air, it's easily the funniest thing on TV. It's got that awesome combination of simplistic and sophisticated humor with a heavy dose of irony that I love. He's even got a great catchphrase that doesn't read as funny but trust me, watch Coogan say it and you'll laugh.

I see from the BBC American website that "Knowing Me Knowing You" is just part of "The Alan Partridge Experiment," which also includes the cancellation of his show and his attempted comeback.

I guess it's sad that the funniest thing on TV now is an 11 year old British show, but we should take what we can get and be glad for it when it comes to TV comedy.

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