Sunday, July 31, 2005

Macarena Memories

I know I promised to limit the personal bits on this blog, but this is really too good to pass up.

The apartment building next to mine is about 15 feet away and since this is the kind of neighborhood where alot of us can't afford or for various reasons aren't allowed to have A/C, alot of us keep our windows open to deal with the L.A. heat. Unfortunately, one of my neighbors whose windows faces the office where my girlfriend and I have our computers loves to play loud, bad latin music from the stereo in his or her window. (One time it got so loud that I went next door figured out which apartment it is and knocked on the door and got them to turn it down, but I coudln't figure out which of the five or six people in the apartment was actually the culprit).

Anyway, what are they listening to right now? "Hey Macarena!" Did they actually buy this CD and thought it was a great time to relive memories of 1998 that most of us considered awful at the time? Or is there some L.A. radio station playing it, whether ironically or not? Either way, I can't tell you how fun it is to have this oh-so catchy song bringing back memories of Al Gore's wooden dancing and stale Jay Leno jokes as I sit here trying to work.

Update: There's now a commercial playing, so I think it actually is a radio station. I wonder if there's a way to do a pre-set so a station can never every play in my car.

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