Monday, August 15, 2005

My girlfriend's blog is now a small penis support group

I'm absolutely fascinated by the comments on a blog post Alicia put up a few weeks ago.

The post was about how much scholarly analysis and media energy seems to go into informing men what the average penis size is so that guys who are afraid they might be small can feel better that maybe they're not. Alicia then makes the insightful point (which those of us who live with her found out long ago is a pet crusade) that it might be nice if men got the same media messages about the size of their genitals that women got about their bodies. I.E. tons of tips on how to get a bigger dick and actors on TV and magazine photo shoots with unnaturally, unhealthily large cocks.

I assumed the comments would primarily be bitter guys arguing that being overweight isn't the same as having a small dick since you can exercise your way out of it, etc. (which is sort of true, but the fact is that most women are never going to look like Kate Hudson no matter how much they work out). And there are a few posts about that.

But most of the comments are now a discussion between guys with small dicks about how hard life is. How girls don't like them, they have to use toys to satisfy a woman, guys with 8" cocks have a better sex life, etc. My favorite comment has to be this: "If a girl will marry you and you small penis than unless she’s ugly or desperate I would say it doesn’t matter to anyone but feminazis upset that about being fat"

Apparently, Alicia's post is coming up in Google searches for "small penis" and there is a community of men out there desperate to discuss this issue. And lucky for Alicia, a few of them have picked her blog. Really fascinating study in group dynamics and/or the need of men with small penises for a community of understanding. I guess it's hard to start that support group in your local church basement...


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Melanie Tarasov said...

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Men with small penises don't deserve to be considered men at all.

Get big or get out of the way, guys.

Small tools can't do the real work.


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