Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A sunny spot on TV

Looking for a great comedy on TV that isn't so old it's running in syndication at 7 and 11:30?

It seems like the only prospect these days is "Arrested Development." But FX (of all places) has a candidate in "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." I watched the first three episodes in a preview DVD and laughed my ass off. Picture "Seinfeld" but with narcissistic late 20-somethings who own a bar and you've got the extremely low concept.

"Philadelphia" is hilarious because it's "edgy," but not for the sake of being edgy. It uses topics like abortion, racism, and underage drinking as excuses for its characters to get into really funny situations, not for the sake of proving how far it's willing to push the boundaries.

The upcoming episodes is the funniest one on the disc. The bar starts letting teenagers drink and the characters get drawn into the teenage social drama (dating, parties, breakups, etc.) in a fantastic way. I laughed my ass off like I haven't at a TV show in a long time. I highly highly recommend checking it out. Thursday at 10:30 on FX and then, since it's cable, it repeats a bunch of times throughout the week.

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