Thursday, September 29, 2005

Shoring up the bigot base

I'm not surprised Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the gay marriage bill, since the man doesn't have a courageous bone in his body.

As Alicia correctly pointed out, this isn't too important in the long run. California is a state with enough rational people that we will grant equal marriage rights to all our citizens soon enough. Schwarzenegger simply chose to miss the opportunity to go down in history as somebody who took a courageous stand for civil rights and transformed the country by making California the first state to pass a marriage equality law through legislative means (rather than judician order, as in Massachussetts). That sets us back a few years, but ultimately, it's his loss.

But here's the thing that really annoys me about the press coverage. Check out this quote from the LA Times: "On September 7, the day after the Assembly passed Leno's bill, Schwarzenegger's office issued a statement saying, 'The governor believes the matter should be determined not by legislative action-which would be unconstitutional-but by court decision or another vote of the people of our state.'"

He seems to believe that this bill is unconstitutional. OK, fine. So here's the big question. IS THAT TRUE? The LA Times article doesn't answer. And, in fact, I haven't seen a single report anywhere. I would think the state legislature would have some mechanism to prevent it from wasting its time passing obviously unconstitutional laws. Either way, I would like to know if the governor's reason is legitimate.

Regardless, the Governor is still a pussy. If there's a chance it's constitutional, he should sign it and see what happens. If there's no chance, but he believes in gay marriage, he should veto it and state that. Instead, he declined to state an opinion, hiding behind the fact that a majority of the state voted for a proposition against gay marriage five years ago, even though polls show that today we are evenly split. And given that momentum, and the fact that every year we get a new cohort of young voters who are mostly pro-gay rights, there will almost surely be a majority in favor soon.

And Schwarzenegger will be back in Hollywood trying to get Terminator 4 made, since shoring up his bigot base with this veto is not going to be enough to get him re-elected.

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rone said...

He's not a pussy. He is, in point of fact, a girly man.