Sunday, November 06, 2005

Breaking news: the Earth is round and Bush misled us into war

Another damning piece of evidence proving that the Bush administration, either out of malice or gross negligence, misled the American people about the WMD threat and connections to Al Qaeda in the run up to the Iraq war. Another damning fact that those who pretend the Bush administration just said what everyone thought will ignore.

If only there was some way people could have known before the 2004 election that the Bush administration was misleading the public on a number of specific pieces of evidence related to the threat Saddam Hussein posed. If only someone had written a book with an entire chapter with a chapter full of specific examples. If only this revelation wasn't a surprise because there was a way we could know this fits into a pattern of deception where the Bush administration regularly ignored contradictory evidence in order to keep making false claims about Iraq and a number of other issues. If only we knew the larger context in which to place this revelation, perhaps in the form of a book that made the fucking point with hundreds of examples that the Bush administration misled the nation on nearly every major policy issue in its first term.

If only reading articles like this didn't make me want to buy a megaphone open my window and scream to the world: "DUH!"

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