Monday, November 21, 2005

Journalists: Help me help you

My good friend Brendan continues to do excellent work on his blog pointing out the dishonesty and subtle attempts to suppress dissent by Bush and Cheney as they fight back against people who accurately point out they misled us into war.

One of his newest posts makes a point I have been repeating here (probably less cogently): This is a debate we could have settled last year. Most of the evidence being thrown back and forth are things on the public record for years. In many cases, we debunked or endorsed them on Spinsanity or in All the President's Spin after a very thorough vetting.

So allow me to reiterate Brendan's offer to journalists and high profile bloggers: contact me (or him) and I'll send you a free copy of All the President's Spin. Rather than reconstruct the record, or wait for Josh Marshall's bizarre compilation of dishonest claims we already compiled, check out what I might humbly call the definitive and comprehensive critique of Bush administration deception as of last summer.

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metrichead said...

Hi Ben, I dug your post. Your book was pretty good, too. Especially about the part of building false constructs (the Bush admin. that is) by selectively stating true remarks (like "average" tax cut as opposed to "median"). Keep it up.