Tuesday, December 13, 2005

America weighs in on my box office story... specifically about the gay movie

Today a story I wrote in Daily Variety about the box office performance of this past weekend's films playing in limited release was linked by Drudge Report (and was put outside our normal subscription wall). Thanks to the oh-so handy "e-mail the author" button, I got some e-mail from readers with thoughtful analysis on my story. Interestingly, nobody had anythign to say about "Memoirs of a Geisha" or "Mrs. Henderson Presents." By some weird chance, everyone wrote with something to say about the record breaking performance of "Brokeback Mountain," specifically the fact that the film features gays.

A sampling (with names left out, despite my better bitter judgment):

To whom it may concern,

"Brokeback" may play well in San Francisco and a few other metropolitan areas with large homosexual communities but I seriously doubt that it will play in Peoria. Roughly 98 % of the population is "straight" and most could probably care less about two men falling in love with one another. However, as Hollywierd is constantly in search of new venues to explore (i.e. Brokeback), I would like to suggest that next year they release a film that depicts the love relationship between a 40 plus year old NAMBLA member and his pubescent lover. This is another perverted group that is unfortunately misunderstood and if the film is shown in the right markets (San Francisco, New York, Austin etc.) there's money to be made. I however will vote with my dollars and pass when "Brokebutt" shows in our local theatres.


Carefully choosing the limited release and claiming some astrounding record is a bit much. The truest measure is whether it plays in the heartland. New York (liberal capital), LA (porn capital), San Francisco (gay capital) are no doubt the target demographic for this nuanced first-run gay cowboy theme.


It's clear from your article that you believe that Brokeback Mountain will be a really big hit. I honestly do NOT believe that it will be, and I pray that the younger population has more sense that to "want" to seen it. Articles like yours encourage our younger generation to want to see such a film, and really "tell" them that they should support it..............Truly Sad!!

Until now, I very much enjoyed watching Heath Ledger in everything he has done. He's a good actor, as well as good looking! Yes, this was a "challenge" for him, but at what cost!!! He even admitted in interviews, that he was really nervous and hesitant with the gay love scenes..............wonder why??? Ummmm........... I have seen previews and several interviews about the movie. I will NOT go see the movie. The thought of the explicit scenes makes me sick!

Hollywood cannot understand why their box office receipts are falling off. Well, besides the promotion of homosexuality.......the liberal actors that think they are experts on running this country, and tell everyone (loudly), to the point of "damning" our administration, turns my stomach!! I used to LOVE to go to the movies, and went often. Now it's gotten to the point that there are VERY few actors that I want to see on the big screen.


Brokeback? Give me a break. Obviously all the gays in New York, LA and San
Fransico lined up to see this show resulting in sold-out theaters. Let's see
how it does in the rest of America where people with morals buy the tickets.
Your excitement over this film is a little pre-mature.

I'm tempted to comment, but really... these thoughtful Americans said it all. It's great how the Internet broadens the boundaries of democratic discourse.

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