Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Excerpts from an interview with Bret Ratner

I hereby offer the following excerpts from an interview Brett Ratner did in the Hollywood Reporter from Cannes where they're showing the latest movie he directed, "X-Men: the Last Stand." I have no editorial comment. I'm just running two interesting excerpts. Make of them what you will:

THR: Losing "Superman" must have been a real blow.
Ratner: I got upset that Bryan Singer's got "X-Men," Sam Raimi's got "Spider-Man" and they hired Chris Nolan to do "Batman." It was like, "What am I going to do? I'm not going to have any franchise."


THR: What's next for you?
Ratner: I'm going to the Vanity Fair party tonight, having lunch tomorrow with shoe designer Jimmy Choo and going on Ron Perelman's yacht.

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