Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Copied by everyone: the ultimate flattery

If the ultimate flattery for a writer is to be copied, then it has been a good two days for me.

My article yesterday in Daily Variety about Apple negotiating with studios to start selling movies on iTunes has been picked up by most major publications and websites. According to Google News, there are 139 articles related to the topic, all of which were spurred by me. So that's kind of cool.

But of course the ultimate honor for a journalist is to be ripped off by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, the nation's top two papers. The NYT especially has a reputation for taking news reported by others and presenting it as its own story. But since both papers did note that the news was first reported in Variety, I honestly can't complain.

It's much much much better than when I broke the news that ABC.com would stream TV shows for free, but it didn't really get much play in the paper, nobody noticed, and then the Wall Street Journal allegedly "broke" the news in a page 1 story months later. That actually annoyed me.

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