Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Just how immature can the leaders of the House of Representatives be? About as mature as your average middle school boy, apparently:

The House later this week is to debate the resolution, which declares the United States will prevail in the war on terror.

Obviously a very controversial and important issue for Congress to weigh in on. I wonder whether my Congressman thinks we will win or lose in the war on terror? I can't wait to see how he votes.

But wait... there's a twist. Shocking! According to Reuters:

Further down, it said former Iraqi leader
Saddam Hussein and his regime "supported terrorists," and said terrorists have proclaimed Iraq the "central front" in their war against those opposed to their ideology.

The resolution also declared it is not in the national interest to "set an arbitrary date to withdraw or redeploy" U.S. forces from Iraq, and said the United States is committed to "completion of the mission to create a sovereign, free, secure and united Iraq."

So basically you either vote in favor of the Republican policy in Iraq and then get accused of being a hypocrite if you criticize it in the future... or you vote against a resolution proclaiming the U.S. will win the war on terror. Either way, you give your Republican opponent in the upcoming election a great tool against you.

This is basically the adult equivalent of that joke we used to tell in middle school where you go up to somebody and say "SphinctersSayWhat" really fast in hopes of getting him to say "what" and admit he's a sphincter.

I'll send $100 to the first journalist who sends me a tape or official transcript of him going up to House Majority Leader John Boehner, who says the debate on this resolution "will be about the fundamental question: Are we going to confront the threat of terrorism and defeat it, or will we relent and retreat in the hopes that it just goes away?" and asking "SphinctersSaysWhat?"

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