Thursday, June 08, 2006

Little old me on IMDB

I have heard it said by numerous acquaintances that if they accomplish just one thing in the entertainment industry, it's getting on IMDB. Because that's when you can PROVE to friends, family, etc. that you have really done something. You really worked in Hollywood. "Look, it's on the Internet!"

So it was kind of exciting to discover recently that I finally have an entry on IMDB. It only lists one credit... for the first pilot I ever worked on, "The Hollywood Show" in 2004. Who knows how it got in there. But it's there. It's cool. Ladies and gentlemen...

Ben Fritz on IMDB

I don't really have it in me to submit other, even less impressive, credits such as "This is Hollywood? with Andy Kindler" (an unaired pilot on AMC) or "Big in '04" on VH1 or "That's So Hollywood?" (an unaired pilot for E!). And yes I have worked on a lot of unaired pilots with the word "Hollywood." If you're thinking there's some connection to the fact that I run a website called Dateline Hollywood... well then you know me too well. Get a life, Mom.

The most fun thing about IMDB? I got my entry before Alicia. As I like to remind her, that makes me a bigger star than her, even though at that point she had already written a movie for Disney that sold several million DVDs and just finished working on a TV show that actually aired on ABC.

Tangential note: the "TV show" link above is to the official ABC page for the TV show that Alicia worked on which was very famously shitcanned after just one episode despite huge promotion. But ABC still hasn't taken it down from the website. Awkward!

And speaking of awkward, I was surfing on another blog very randomly today and discovered that the worst fear Alicia and I had when that show got cancelled has come true. The idea of Heather Graham starring in a sitcom has become not just a punchline, but a joke in and of itself. Poor Heather. As anybody who watched knows, she really was good.


Irwin Handleman said...

yeah, heather graham's really talented. at one thing:

Irwin Handleman said...

just jokes, brother. i'm actually a coworker of a former coworker of yours.

but come on, seriously, heather graham?