Monday, June 26, 2006

Not getting called for jury duty is not an excuse to not work

I'm on call for jury duty this week and so I had occassion to carefully read the "reporting instructions" to jurors in the form I got. Perhaps not surprisingly, there was one very funny, but sad, "instruction" on the form that I feel the need to share. As part of an ongoing series on this blog presenting amusing facts or public statements without comment, I'll simply quote from the "reporting instructions" on my jury duty summons and let you make of it what you will.

I'll just note that in L.A., when you're on call for jury duty, you have to phone in every night for a week to find out if they need you to report the next day.
The Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles has apparently found it necessary to include this in the instructions for potential jurors:

"You must report to your work place unless you have been instructed to report for service."

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