Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Brian Unger... not Garrison Keillor

Are you listening to the Unger Report?

While I have to start off with the giant caveat that Brian is a friend, I still want to non-objectively but truthfully say that Brian's weekly commentaries for NPR are pretty damned funny. Not in a godawful Garrison Keillor / "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" / "Car Talk" makes-you-want-to-stab-your-ears-out kind of quote-unquote "funny" that NPR listeners seem to enjoy on the weekend.

I'm talking actually smart funny stuff that someone who isn't 110 and doesn't have mugs from NPR pledge drives going back to 1979 in their cupboards can enjoy.

Last week's Unger Report, which wondered what the "good news" on former CNN reporter Daryn Kagan's new "no bad news" website might sound like, was a really good one. "The day after a drunk Mel Gibson blamed Jewish people for starting all the wars in the world," he reminds us, "CNN failed to report all the ethnic groups Gibson didn't blame. That was a good news day for the Mooti Mooti Aboriginal tribe of Australia. But CNN failed to report that news. As well as the bear whose habitat wasn't ruined by urban sprawl. Or the cat who looked at the tree and said: 'I'll climb that tree another day.'"

You can listen to it here. Or, better, yet, just podcast the Unger Report. Most of us aren't devotedly listening to NPR every Monday morning. So podcasting is the way to do it. Plus that way there's no chance you'll accidentally hear a promo for Garrison Keillor and drive yourself into a telephone pole just to make him shut up about fucking Lake Wobegon.

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