Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lamest Hollywood story ever

So I went to a meeting today with one of my agents at a big (but not the biggest) agency in town. I don't go there a lot, since agents are more into "rolling" the calls, as you may have heard. For a lower level client like me, that usually means a call on the cell phone during the walk from the urinal to the sink.

It's cool when I do go, since I get an agent's undivided attention for like 20 minutes. But there's one really bad part about visiting this particular agency: the parking. There seem to have enough parking spaces for all of the employees plus the many visitors who come by every day. So the agency's solution seems to be... make the parking spaces smaller.

My Toyota Matrix may be a little wider than a Ford Focus, but it's basically a normal size car. I swear, with the exception of the "large" spaces which are always full with SUVs, the "compact" size spaces (all the rest) are literally the width of a normal size car plus about 3". Which means if everybody parks perfectly and you happen to be skinny like me, you can just barely squeeze your body out the door. But inevitably somebody parks a little off and then everybody is off. Then the only remaining space when a visitor like me gets there at 11 AM is the most cramped space ever.

Today I managed to get my car into such a space thanks to a feat of precision driving I could probably never repeat, but it was literally the width of a Toyota Matrix plus half a centimeter. I could not open my doors at all. All I can say is, Thank God I have a hatchback.

Yes, I literally crawled over my backseat and out the hatchback. And when it came time to leave, I crawled back in the hatch. And let me tell you, closing a hatchback from the inside is a major pain in the ass. Who knew?

Yes, that's the glamorous life of a Hollywood power player like me.

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