Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Libertarian party, where are you when I need you?

When I voted today, there was literally one candidate for Congress. No I don't mean one major party candidate. I mean one, period: the incumbent Democrat. Now East L.A. is obviously a very liberal area and any Republican would obviously be a sacrificial lamb. But none of the third parties, who always nominate sacrificial lambs, could offer up an alternative. C'mon libertarians... greens... peace and freedom party... where the hell are you? Honestly, if this wasn't a year when I wanted to register as many votes for Democrats in Congress as humanly possible in order to send a message to the President, I might have voted for someone besides Xavier Becerra (who I actually wanted to win) just to encourage competition in the future.

In other election news, Brendan seems to think that this ad featuring Rick Santorum and a bunch of WWE grapplers is maybe the worst ad of the year, but I thoroughly disagree. As far as ads for stick-up-the-ass anti-gay bigot Republicans go, I think it's kinda fun. It's certainly the most relaxed I have ever seen Santorum, which I'm sure is a quality he needs to project more.

If you want to see some truly bad ads, check out the ones on Dianne Feinstein's home page. The first one features ultra-awkward banter between the senator and her teenage granddaughter, and the second has laughably amateurish key framing of Feinstein supposedly in front of great California wilderness that she has fought to protect. Nothing fuels bad political ads like moderate incumbent Democrats who face no real opposition.

Finally, I think it's worth noting that on my ballot today, there was literally two pages, with about 20 candidates, running for various judgeships. (Most were "retention" votes where you vote "yes" or "no.") I skipped all of them since I obviously didn't have the time to research them all (the propositions were quite enough) and the very idea of voting for judges is ludicrous.

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