Friday, March 17, 2006

Hollywoody video podcasts: in which I learn XML

After several false starts, I taught myself (very simple) XML and created an RSS feed that has put The Hollywoody Show -- starring my favorite fake film critic Woody Wittman -- on iTunes as a video podcast.

I know both of my readers never want to miss an episode. So subscribe here.

BTW, this is my favorite review of Woody, which came from FishBowlLA:
"[Woody] does for morning show movie critics what Borat has done for foreign correspondents."

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Worst Best Picture Ever

I think that "Crash's" victory at the Oscars may go down as the greatest travesty in the Academy's 78 year history. Not just because "Brokeback Mountain" is certainly one of the greatest films of the past 10 or 20 or more years and people will look back in disbelief that it lost in a few years.

But I don't know of any best picture winner in the past that was so objectively awful and phony. I know I've never walked out of a movie hating it and then seen it go on to win the biggest award in the industry. Mind boggling.

Other people have described just how awful "Crash" is, and why this victory is a tragedy, much better than I. For a really smart take on why "Crash" is such a phony look at life in Los Angeles, read this column and this column by LAT writer Steve Lopez. And for a smart, if too modest, take on the Oscar travesty, read this letter to (the mind bogglingly in love with "Crash") Roger Ebert by my friend and "Movieline" editor Geoff.

And if you're dying to know MY reaction -- as the world surely is -- I expressed it in this satirical article for Dateline Hollywood. ("Hollywood Proves it's not Racist.")

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Blookers

I'm allowed to brag a little bit, right? The book I co-wrote, All the President's Spin," is a finalist for the "Blookers," a new prize for books based on blogs. They appear to have had 53 entries and six finalists, so that's pretty cool.

I also just got the latest sales update from our publisher and if I am reading the complex report correctly, we sold over 30,000 copies, which is also pretty cool, I think.