Friday, March 23, 2007

Looks out parents: Your teen might be listening to a blog!

I'm convinced that one of the most appalling wastes of billions of taxpayer dollars per year is the ads from the Office of National Drug Control Policy. To anyone who has actually used or at least encountered illegal drugs, they're laughable, which is why they're of course ineffective.

But the worst are the ads "helping" (and I use the term generously) parents talk to their teens about drugs. They're the worst kind of clueless bureaucrat trying to be hip bullshit. I just heard a truly great one on the radio today.

"Hey," it starts. "I'm your kid's MP3 player." Your kid's MP3 player is, of course, Black and sounds really "street-wise." I could almost picture him break dancing while recording the ad.

Your kid's MP3 player then continues (and I'm paraphrasing from memory, of course): "Do you know what's on me? Your kids are listening to all sorts of stuff, like podcasts and blogs. And people are talking about all sorts of things on them. Like drugs."

OK, so.... could somebody please tell the Office of National Drug Control Policy that you can't LISTEN to a blog?

And that's of course holding aside the larger question of whether MP3 players are now such a big pro-drug influence on America's teens that we need federally funded ads telling parents to be wary of them.

From anti-drug ads to abstinence-only education to government agency websites for kids, there's nothing more embarassing than the federal government's ham-handed and ill-informed efforts to educate us.

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