Sunday, July 29, 2007

Somebody stop the New York Times

Here's a rule that seems to work pretty well this year: If it's a page 1 (or top of the website) story in the New York Times about one of the leading presidential candidates, it's a completely worthless piece of pseudo-psychological bullshit that uses a few pieces of completely unrepresentative evidence to draw broad and unwarranted conclusions about that candidate's personality and psyche.

Does anybody out there think the letters they sent when they were a teenager tell us anything about what they are like as a middle-aged adult? It's ludicrous and it's embarassing to see in our nation's "paper of record."

But at least it's another good candidate for Brendan's contest.

PS What kind of a publicity-seeking dick releases to the press private letters a now-famous friend sent almost 40 years ago?

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