Saturday, September 08, 2007

Huffington Post jumps the shark

I've always avoided the Huffington Post because it seemed, based on my limited reading of it, to be a monument to the indulgence of the pretentious, condescending, simplistic Hollywood liberal. And yes, I realize that in some people could accuse me of being at least the last two words in that phrase, if not more. But there are many far far worse than me. I often meet them at parties, which sometimes leads me to pretend to be a conservative and argue in favor of banning gay marriage or the war in Iraq just because I know I could outargue these people from the right and it infuriates me that everyone is agreeing with each other based on simplistic and fucking stupid arguments. So I try to piss them off and in the process often end up embarrassing Alicia.

But I happened upon this HuffPost post by Matt Littman from a link on another site and I have to say, while there are probably worse ones I haven't see,n this seems like the apogee of embarassingly self-centered elite Hollywood liberalism on the site. The post is titled "Is Los Angeles In Permanent Decay?" a not entirely crazy question. But this is the money quote:

Angelenos have had a moment akin to when the American people saw George Bush flying over New Orleans in his helicopter, completely out of touch with reality.

What is the reason for this obviously preposterous and offensive comparison? Poor Matt Littman's power was out... for two days! And the people from the Department of Water and Power were rude/incompetent on the phone.

That obviously sucks. Especially since we've been suffering through a heat wave here in L.A. But to compare the situation to a city that was literally physically destroyed by a hurricane? And a government response that was so incompetent it left people literally dying from thirst, unsanitary conditions, violence, etc. and stuck in overcrowded shelters when they should have been evacuated? That's insane.

L.A. has more than its share of problems. But our city hasn't been physically destroyed and, while I'm sorry that the operators at DWP were rude to poor Matt Littman, basic services work 99% of the time.

Coming soon in the Huffington Post: "Why the service I received while eating in the Paramount commissary with Brad Grey is worse than the conditions in Darfur."

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