Saturday, December 15, 2007

The most horrifying thing ever

Not that a blog nobody reads is the place to note an outrageous injustice, but this article left me frothing in anger like nothing I've read all year (or at least nothing involving Bush administration foreign policy).

A family courthouse in the Bronx where the elevators are so regularly broken that people have to wait AN HOUR OR TWO to get up to the courtrooms (they can't use the stairs for security purposes). And it has been this way for A YEAR. And a spokesman for the city said "the elevator project was not behind schedule, but was taking a long time because it was complicated."

I have literally never heard of such a thing in my life. Can you imagine how quickly the elevators would get fixed if this was happening in a family courthouse in a middle class or upper class community? Or if it was an office building in mid-town Manhattan? People would be getting fired left and right if it wasn't fixed in a week. And deservedly so.

If the elevators really and truly can't get fixed for a year, they should have moved the entire family court. That's what any business would do.

I remember going to family court once many years ago and it was a miserable place full of people facing some of the most emotionally wrenching problems possible. The idea that on top of that people have the stress of a 2 hour-long wait in the cold, or the anxiety of missing a court date because you're waiting for an elevator, is unfathomable. The article notes that one woman missed her court date to try and get her daughter out of foster care while she was stuck in line and had to reschedule for TWO MONTHS LATER. Two months without your child because the elevators don't work?

If Mayor Bloomberg read that and has any conscience at all, he's demanding this get fixed one way or another by the end of the year. And if the City can't do it, paying for it himself.

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