Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How long until there's a National Association for the Advancement of Rich Lacrosse Players?

Like every reasonable person, I feel bad for the Duke lacrosse players unjustly accused of rape and their families. I think Mike Nifong should probably spend some time in prison. And I think the Durham County government probably owe them some kind of apology and recompense.

But this is insane. I saw an ad for the "Association for Truth and Fairness" on Brendan's blog and I almost lost my lunch. It's a non-profit created to pay off all the legal bills of the Duke lacrosse players. According to this article, it was founded by three ex-lacrosse players who now work as lawyers and as a CFO.

Look, it's unfair their parents had to pay millions in legal bills. And if they sue the county or state, I hope they win some money to pay them off. But of all the people unjustly accused of crimes in the United States who deserve support... who in their right mind is really going to donate money to help three rich white lacrosse players from Duke who got caught in a mess when trying to hire a working class black stripper to put on a show for them? There are people out there from poor families who spend decades in prison for a crime they didn't commit and only wish they could afford to have racked up millions in legal bills.

Please, if this case even remotely makes you want to do something about travesties in the American criminal justice system, give some money to the Innocence Project instead.