Sunday, January 20, 2008

The "Celebrity Rehab" - "Surreal Life" circle of Z-list celebrity life

Here's the scary thing about VH1's "Celebrity Rehab," which I fully admit I enjoy watching: Two of the "characters," (which is what they call the people on this "reality show" on its website) were previously on "The Surreal Life." The rest of them besides Chyna and Brigitte Nielsen, let's be honest, certainly could have been on there, and probably will be in the future.

So in the case of Brigitte and Chyna, we have two people were on a TV show that implicitly encourages heavy drinking and drug use so that the "celebrities" will act as insane as possible on camera. Brigitte even admits on "Celebrity Rehab" that she was drunk the whole time she was on "The Surreal Life." You'd have to be to start a relationship with Flava Flav, wouldn't you?

So basically, first VH1 encourages z-list celebrities to get drunk or high for the sake of a TV show... and then it encourages them to get sober for the sake of a TV show. Possibly to sober them all up enough so they can appear on "The Surreal Life" again. Now that is what I call corporate synergy.

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