Monday, March 10, 2008

Sullivan's Clinton attacks jump the shark

Even as an Obama voter (well, more of an anti-Hillary voter), I've found Andrew Sullivan's increasingly nasty screeds against Hillary and "the Clintons" to be over the top. But today he really jumped the shark.

This post, titled "Who the Clintons really are," is a link to a video clip from "Primary Colors," a fictional movie based on a fictional book about the Clintons. All it shows is what Joe Klein thinks of the Clintons. Which Sullivan is welcome to agree with, of course. But it hardly qualifies as evidence for Sullivan's charge that "They do and say what is in their best interests, period -and they have no idea how to behave otherwise."

Most disturbing by far is this line at the end of the post: "Wait till the end and, in Emma Thompson's brilliant performance, you get a glimpse of the sociopath beneath."

Really? Hillary Clinton is a sociopath??? She fits the medical definition of having "A pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others and inability or unwillingness to conform to what are considered to be the norms of society?" What a way to stand up for the guy who's trying to change politics.