Friday, January 02, 2009

The greatest press release quote of all time

Of all the executive quotes I have ever seen in a press release in my entire life, this is far and away the greatest. Nothing else even comes close. There needs to be some kind of awards ceremony for this work so that the folks at MTV can be properly honored.

The quote comes from a recent release the cable network issued announcing a new slate of reality TV shows from talents including Nick Lachey, Donald Trump and Rob Dyrdek. The quote comes from MTV Networks Music Group Entertainment President (phew!) Brian Graden:
This is a generation with the bravado and drive to reinvent the world, and the ingenuity to actually pull it off. These new series reflect Generation 'Why Not?', living, working and playing on their own terms, 'adventure capitalists' if you will, pursuing a variety of thrill seeking, 2.0, express-yourself enterprises."
There is nothing I can possibly add to that. Even though I am allegedly in the MTV demographic that is part of "Generation Why Not." I guess I am too busy with my thrill seeking 2.0 express-myself enterprises to think about it.


Will S said...

Hey Ben,

This quote is hilarious. Reality TV by Nick Lachey is the perfect way to reach a generation has the "drive to reinvent the world, and the ingenuity to actually pull it off". That makes perfect sense.

By the way, I replied to your comment over at centuri0n's blog.

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